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Accessibility Statement

At WhatNextIMS, we are dedicated to ensuring that our website is accessible to everyone, including those with disabilities. We are committed to providing an inclusive digital experience and strive to meet or exceed the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 level AA standards.

Conformance Status

WhatNextIMS is committed to achieving and maintaining WCAG 2.1 Level AA conformance. We have conducted an accessibility audit of our website and are continuously working to address any areas of non-compliance.

Accessibility Features

Our website incorporates a range of accessibility features to enhance usability for individuals with disabilities. These features include:

  • Keyboard Navigation: You can navigate through the website using keyboard shortcuts, ensuring accessibility for individuals who may not use a mouse.

  • Alternative Text: All images on our website are accompanied by descriptive alternative text, making them accessible to screen readers and providing context for visually impaired users.

  • Semantic HTML: We use semantic HTML markup to ensure proper structure and navigation for screen readers and other assistive technologies.

  • Color Contrast: We strive to maintain sufficient color contrast ratios between text and background elements to improve readability for users with low vision or color blindness.

  • Text Resizing: Our website allows users to resize text using browser settings, providing flexibility for individuals with visual impairments.

  • Accessible Forms: We ensure that all form fields on our website are properly labeled and accessible to screen readers, facilitating seamless interaction for all users.


We value feedback from our users and are committed to addressing any accessibility issues promptly. If you encounter any barriers while using our website or have suggestions for improvement, please contact us using the following methods:

  • Phone: [Insert phone number]

  • Email: [Insert email address]

  • Postal Address: [Insert postal address]

Technical Specifications

WhatNextIMS relies on the following technologies to deliver an accessible user experience:

  • HTML: Our website is built using HTML5 markup to ensure compatibility with modern browsers and assistive technologies.

  • WAI-ARIA: We utilize WAI-ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications) attributes to enhance the accessibility of dynamic content and interactive elements.

  • CSS: Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are used to control the presentation and layout of our website while maintaining accessibility.

  • JavaScript: We use JavaScript responsibly to enhance user experience while ensuring compatibility with assistive technologies.

Assessment Approach

Our commitment to accessibility is demonstrated through the following assessment approaches:

  • Self-Evaluation: Our development team conducts regular self-evaluations of our website's accessibility, identifying and addressing areas for improvement.

  • External Evaluation: We engage external accessibility consultants to perform comprehensive audits of our website, ensuring compliance with WCAG standards.

Formal Approval of this Accessibility Statement

This Accessibility Statement is approved by:

[Insert Name and Title]


This statement was created on [Insert Date].

Updating this statement

WhatNextIMS is committed to regularly reviewing and updating this Accessibility Statement to reflect changes in technology, best practices, and our ongoing commitment to accessibility.

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