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Financial Astrology & WD Gann Conclave 2023

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Financial Astrology and WD Gann at the Financial Astrology and WD Gann Conclave 2023.

Join renowned experts as they explore the fundamentals and practical applications of Financial Astrology in trading, with a special emphasis on WD Gann's pioneering techniques.


This exclusive event offers a unique platform to learn from industry leaders, engage in interactive sessions, and gain insights into the power of astrological analysis in financial decision-making.


Organized by WhatNext IMS, the Financial Astrology and WD Gann Conclave promises an enlightening experience where astrology and finance intersect, providing new perspectives and possibilities.

Our Speakers

The Conclave

Embark on a transformative journey into the world of Financial Astrology at the Financial Astrology and WD Gann Conclave 2023.

This one-day event, held across 10 cities, offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in a day of learning, interaction, and networking with the industry's top thought leaders.


Building on our successful 7-city tour last year, which attracted over 2500+ participants, we invite you to catch a glimpse of the event's excitement through the link below. 

Our Vision

Revolutionizing financial astrology and WD Gann principles, empowering individuals with knowledge, insights, and connections for success in finance.

Our Mission

Our exhilarating mission is to ignite a transformation in the world of financial astrology and WD Gann's principles, propelling our community to a staggering 5 million strong by 2023.

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Event Schedule








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